Teacher, Paramedic Mike Kacsur

1476076_742780989137254_3748784364079001896_nOver the last few months, I’ve mentioned Mike Kacsur a few times. Mike is the instructor for my EMT course. At the same time, he’s a full-time paramedic with Southwest Ambulance. He teaches EMT courses, Paramedic courses, driving courses, and a few others I believe. I’m a little fuzzy on the details of everything he is teaching because he’s not a bragging sort of fellow. He dedicates his life to helping others, whether it’s in the back of an ambulance or in front of a class.

On Sunday, December 14, Mike had a medical emergency necessitating brain surgery the following day. He is going to require an extended time off from both of his jobs. Being the sole provider for his family, they are facing some rough times ahead. His friends have set up a page to help show support for Mike and his wife April by raising money to support medical costs.

Please consider helping him and his family out. You can help with donations via the gofundme page, or share the link on facebook/twitter etc, or share a link to this post. Also, please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Please share this link.


In case you missed it… here’s the link…


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