I currently work a day job. This day job is NOT fire fighting. Fire fighting is my dream job. It’s what I’m working towards. There is an amount of discontent coming to work every day because there is a tension between where I AM in my career and where I WANT to be.

Quitter-203x300There is a gap between “what you have to do and what you’d love to do.” Apparently this is quite common. I read a book by Jon Acuff called “Quitter“. He says we are the “I am, but” generation, as in “I am a computer nerd but I want to be a fire fighter” kind of thing.

He posits ways in which you can blow up your dream without blowing up your life. Go for broke without going broke.

I realize that everyone has a hero complex for that person that quits their job and follows their dream. Sadly that’s not exactly realistic for most of us. I have lots of hungry little mouths to feed at home. How can I change my circumstances without destroying my livelihood?

I’m pulling a superman every day. (which is a hilarious metaphor Jon discussed in the book).

I highly recommend this book. It helps you wrap your mind around doing what you have to do while taking steps towards what you WANT to be doing. For me it helped with some of the day to day anxiety of “I have to get out of here”. Now it’s more like “I’m getting out of here, and nobody has to get hurt in the process.”

I really cannot praise this book enough. It’s fun, practical, and a quick, inspiring read.


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