Phase two


Today begins phase two of my plan.

To Recap:

Phase 1: Lower monthly expenses by moving and down-sizing lifestyle
Phase 2: Take EMT course at local community college
Phase 3: ???
Phase 4: FIRE!!

Yes, that’s a nerd joke.

The long and short of it is that I’m now moving into the next phase of my journey to become a fire fighter!

Most of the departments in my area require 2 types of certification: EMT, and Fire Science 1 & 2.

pccThe EMT program at my community college has lots of pre-requisites: vaccinations, finger-prints, paper-work, and lots of other things. I understand why you have to have a bevvy of immunizations. As an EMT you’re going to be exposed to all sorts of people with all sorts of maladies and all of their associated bodily fluids. I was very behind on immunizations. It took me about 3 months to get caught up. Between those and all of the other pre-requisites, it took me some time to be prepared. Seeing as I basically had a whole semester where I was not taking classes, I had plenty of time to prepare. Once I finished the pre-requisites, I went into the college to register for EMT and was pretty much all set. I just had to complete the drug screening and pay the registration fees. The registration staff was very helpful and friendly, and honestly, I think they were happy to see someone who is excited about the program (which I am).

All of this preparation is about to pay off. I go into this course with eyes open and prepared. My family is 100% behind me. We all know that it’s going to be very rigorous and demanding. We all know that Daddy is going to be unavailable for a lot of time over the next few months. This class includes 7 exams and 40 quizzes. The failure point is 80%. If I don’t score 80% on everything: I fail.

I took 6 months of intensive (several hours a day) study and more than one attempt to pass the Cisco Certified Network Associate. I think I understand the level of commitment this is going to take. So does my family. We are ready. For the last 2 months, every day for lunch I leave my office and sit in my vehicle and study. I have read the entire text book for this class. All of the material was new to me, so I wanted to get a leg up. I’m ready.

Tonight I go for the first class. The first step.

I’m ready. I hope.

p.s. Please pray for me. I can’t do it alone.


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