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TNOF_FIVERR_PrThere is an online service called fiverr. fiverr lets you hire professionals in all different industries for a low price. The turn around times are a bit longer, and you only get so many revisions. You also only get certain types of media. You can get additional things for a fee. It’s a great way to hire out work without paying a mint.

Through fiverr, I hired a designer called anniedesigns to create a logo for me.  I had some ideas originally and sent those along, but basically said “I love your style and your other work, so please, feel free”.

This was her first submission, and I loved it. So with that being said, this is my new logo 🙂 Nifty, eh?




Getting into shape


I can highly recommend a couple of different resources for getting into shape. The primary recommendation I can make is Body for Life by Bill Phillips. Bill is a widely respected member of the fitness/body-building community and his method has helped thousands of people get into great shape. The secret to Bill’s method is that there is no secret. It’s a combination of eating right and working hard. His workouts are a regimen of high intensity interval training sessions. Continue reading Getting into shape


2 Pathways for me. How many for you?

I basically have two options.

The city that I live in has a municipal fire department. This department holds what they call a “green” academy.

The green academy takes applicants that have zero experience and trains them to become a state certified EMT, and fire-certified. Obviously this can be very costly for the department. Because it’s so costly they do not hire very often.

Continue reading 2 Pathways for me. How many for you?


Job postings!

If you know of a department that is hiring, please forward me the information on how to apply. I will be posting them for prospective candidates to find. You can either reply to this post or email me directly –

Job Postings


Answering the call?

I am in the process of transforming my personal blog into a site for people trying to transition into Fire/EMS services from a first career. I hope that by providing help to others I can learn more along the way.

I am looking for EMS/Fire people that had a first career to interview (or validate information I am providing). I’d love to get your insights, thoughts, and opinions.

Would you answer the call?

If so, please drop me a line (and include your twitter handle if you’re on it) – If you’re one of the 300+ Fire/EMS professionals I follow on twitter, I really wanted to DM you all of ths, but apparently there’s about a 10 character limit on DMs. (whatevs)


ps If you’d like to read up more on me, I’ve published much of my about me’ story on my medium blog (and will be serializing it here). Thanks!


I’m a professional nerd. At 37 years old, I’m trading my checkouts for turnouts. You can too. (Any views/opinions expressed are strictly my own)