Envelope for Life

efl-logoOne of the ambulance services near where I live is called southwest ambulance (Run by Rural/Metro). They have started a program called “Envelope for Life“.

The idea behind the program is that in an emergency situation, you may not be able to communicate clearly, if even at all. First responders are going to show up at your home and have no idea what is going on with you, and the person who called may not know anything either. They have to begin from ground zero. Often, EMS staff has to look around your home for clues: medications, medic alert jewelry and the like.

With this program, you fill out a form that has a fairly complete medical history form and list of contacts and place it in an envelope. The envelope and a small logo sticker go on the front of your refrigerator. When first responders enter your home, they can quickly get up to speed on any medical history you may have, and contact an emergency contact to let them there is a situation with you.

Needless to say, having all of the pertinent medical history on a patient could very well save their life. We are not always able to think clearly, and won’t always have family or friends around to advocate for us in any way.

Even if you don’t have any medical conditions, take a moment to consider this anyway. It’s always better for EMS personnel to have more information, even something that’s a negative. (ie I have no medical conditions).

Here is a direct link to the form and instructions! Please consider it!


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