If you’ve been following along for any significant amount of time, you will have noticed: I try to remain pseudo-anonymous. Nothing on the internet is truly anonymous. If you wanted to, you could dox me with barely any effort. Whatevs.

The reason for this anonymity is that I currently work a regular job. Obviously this site is about transitioning to EMS/Fire, and not working at a software company…

My concern is that my employer would find out what I was doing and preemptively fire me. I’ve seen it done. I’ve worked for some large companies whose names you would know. They do this regularly. They then justify firing people with aspirations under the guise of “security.” Their logic being “that person is going to leave, maybe they want to steal some of our data too!”

On the one hand, I totally get that. On the other hand, it’s sort of callous. (by “sort of”, I mean “it totally is”)

Well, as I mentioned the other day, the EMT program that I’m part of is fairly rigorous. Due to state requirements I basically cannot miss any class either. As part of my work, we have a regular on-call rotation. I’ve been worrying about this. At the same time, I hate “sneaking around.” The whole business of secretly going to school at night feels dishonest to me, especially when I may be neglecting my duties. On the one hand I’m 80% sure my boss would be super supportive (he’s really a reasonable guy and interested in his people’s development) and 20% sure he’d fire me. I have a wife and a family: that 20% is a serious cause for concern.

After much deliberatio, some good advice from my better half, and a good friend of mine at work, I decided to bite the bullet and discuss it with my boss. True to form, he was an ace and very supportive. Not only did he not fire me, he wants to be kept informed of my progress (for obvious reasons). I feel so relieved.

With all of that being said:

20140902_201233My name is Shaun Hull. I’m a nerd. I’m now 36 years old and I live in Tucson, Arizona. I have a lovely, supporting, generous, gorgeous, and gracious wife, Ciara. We have three fantastic young ladies at home that range from 8 to 15. I am currently employed at a SaaS company. I am also an EMT student at Pima Community College! This is my journey. If I can help others along the way I’m  happy to!



7 thoughts on “dox’d!”

  1. I thought you looked familiar! Congrats on coming out of the closet 🙂 Sounds like you found something physical that did not just hore your brains out all day, although they totally were worth paying for.

    Congrats dude!

  2. Wow! So proud of you Shaun! It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to study for that type of job while holding a full time job and having a family. You are right, you have a beautiful and strong wife by your side and God has surely blessed you both! Keep me posted, good luck!

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