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The Oral Board Interview

Each department handles hiring a little differently.

The process usually includes some or all of the following:

The Oral board interviews are the first round of interviews and usually after the written test (and sometimes after the CPAT). However, each department has their way of doing things.

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Surviving the CPAT

The CPAT is the Candidate Physical Ability Test. Many departments use it to test applicants to make sure they are up to the physical rigors of firefighting. It’s a standardized test, so the major components are the same no matter what department you’re testing for. In fact, many departments contract out the testing to entities such as the National Testing Network

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This Nerd Is On Fire – Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia and I used to work together. He is a nerd as well (see question 3). He made the change I am attempting. Andy works with the Golder Ranch Fire District. I sent him a laundry list of questions, and he was gracious enough to let me post his replies! (Thanks Andy!)


1. Please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Andy Garcia and I recently made the transition into the fire service as a full-time firefighter/EMT. I am someone who decided on a career straight out of high school and I was always in fear of not reaching my full potential. Though I loved certain aspects of my previous career, the fulfillment just wasn’t there. I feel I’ve always been someone that tried to adapt the best I could to new environments in new situations and I knew that was going to be a huge factor in me making this transition.

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Answering the call?

I am in the process of transforming my personal blog into a site for people trying to transition into Fire/EMS services from a first career. I hope that by providing help to others I can learn more along the way.

I am looking for EMS/Fire people that had a first career to interview (or validate information I am providing). I’d love to get your insights, thoughts, and opinions.

Would you answer the call?

If so, please drop me a line (and include your twitter handle if you’re on it) – If you’re one of the 300+ Fire/EMS professionals I follow on twitter, I really wanted to DM you all of ths, but apparently there’s about a 10 character limit on DMs. (whatevs)


ps If you’d like to read up more on me, I’ve published much of my about me’ story on my medium blog (and will be serializing it here). Thanks!