Always practicing

When you’re in a fire academy, you’re always wearing a rope around your waist. (At least we’re encouraged to in our academy). Personally, I never take mine off. I always have it under my shirt when I work my 9-5. Sometimes I practice knots in meetings or when I’m taking a walk. My wife calls these little moments “pockets of time” (a genius little saying she learned in Mary Kay).

I was in the break room brewing a pot of coffee and happened to glance over and see this paper towel holder. I thought to myself “if I had to hoist that, how would I???? I see it has that weird thing on top I could bite a half-hitch onto…..” Then I thought “what the hell!” and whipped off my rope and threw a clove hitch and a half hitch on it!

So, to answer your question: yes, I could hoist it.

Note: I realize the half-hitch is a bit loose… I bounced the holder on the deck while trying to photograph it  😆

Note: I’m adding a link to animated knots to the resources page!


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