The Oral Board Interview

Each department handles hiring a little differently.

The process usually includes some or all of the following:

The Oral board interviews are the first round of interviews and usually after the written test (and sometimes after the CPAT). However, each department has their way of doing things.

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Fire Foto Friday – 6/19/2015


I have received a contingent offer for Firefighter Recruit from Tucson Fire Department! I am incredibly honored, humbled, and shocked to have made the cut. I was in a pool with some incredible candidates and some great future firefighters (PCC 15-01). I very much look forward to serving this community that I love so much and that has welcomed me with open arms since I landed here.

Thank you all for your unceasing prayers, support, encouragement and cheer-leading. God has carried me a long way. It is my prayer that he will carry me still to my mission. I could not have made it without you or without Him.

Thank you to my wife, and my daughters for their steadfastness. Thank you to my co-workers at HealthTrio, and my boss, Chris for their grace. Thank you to my firefighting role models for their support also.

I’m not going to tag the hundreds of people I need to thank, but you know who you are. Thank you for carrying me. Thank you for praying for me.

I am humbled, honored, excited, and ready to go. TFD is my big audacious dream, and serving Tucson is my goal.

God is good, gracious, and generous. All the time.

‪#‎LoveTucson‬ ‪#‎GloryToGod‬


Live Fire – The Dragon

Our last live fire evolution was going to be The Dragon. This is the prop we’ve been hearing about all semester, and the one we would be doing for family night.

The Dragon is a manifold that shoots diesel fuel and natural gas-fed flames. Captain Backherms has stated it’s up to 5,000,000 BTUs of heat.

The point of the prop is to demonstrate the heat-absorbing properties of water. As we approach the flames, we place a shield of water droplets between us and the flames. For all of its heat and fury, behind the water curtain you hardly feel a thing!

I can see why they chose this prop to use as a demo during family night, it’s spectacular to watch!

This was an exciting drill, and a powerful example of the power of water!


Live Fire – Flashover Simulator

Our second foray into live fire was to be the “Flashover Simulator”.

A flashover is “the near-simultaneous ignition of most of the directly exposed combustible material in an enclosed area.” In plain English, when a room gets so hot that suddenly everything is on fire. This condition is not survivable for long, so we spend quite a bit of time learning contributing factors and signs of an impending flashover.

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