Job postings!

If you know of a department that is hiring, please forward me the information on how to apply. I will be posting them for prospective candidates to find. You can either reply to this post or email me directly –

Job Postings


Answering the call?

I am in the process of transforming my personal blog into a site for people trying to transition into Fire/EMS services from a first career. I hope that by providing help to others I can learn more along the way.

I am looking for EMS/Fire people that had a first career to interview (or validate information I am providing). I’d love to get your insights, thoughts, and opinions.

Would you answer the call?

If so, please drop me a line (and include your twitter handle if you’re on it) – If you’re one of the 300+ Fire/EMS professionals I follow on twitter, I really wanted to DM you all of ths, but apparently there’s about a 10 character limit on DMs. (whatevs)


ps If you’d like to read up more on me, I’ve published much of my about me’ story on my medium blog (and will be serializing it here). Thanks!


Hello world!


Hello world Indeed!

Obviously, this is the first post on!

I’ve been “blogging” for some time. I like to call it “journaling“. I’m going through an amazing transformation right now.  I created a site on medium in order to write all of this stuff down. Medium is more well-suited for a long-form type post. Perfect for what I set out to do. I’ve been announcing articles being published on twitter and via email.

It dawned on me the other day, I could be building a platform.   That platform could help other nerds that want to transition into Fire Service, or EMS. Thankfully for me, it’s early enough that I can shift that paradigm without too much pain. Hence the birth of this site. Why can’t I do something that’s of more value than navel-gazing and self-aggrandizement? Yes, I’m sharing God’s miracles with my limited readership, but why not be a RESOURCE?!?

I will be including personal anecdotes and reflections just like on my medium blog, but at the same time I want to create a resource for others that are like me.

Over the coming weeks I’m migrating my medium content here, but will also be publishing information, links, etc in the interest of helping others. If you have some suggestions, please drop me a line!

Let’s do this.

In the interest of trying it out, here’s a link to a great book by a great author on building your platform. It’s “Platform: Get noticed in a noisy world” by Michael Hyatt. He has a great blog as well and sends out frequent digests. Recommended reading!