After Action Report

emtstudentsAs I mentioned yesterday, I had my first EMT class last night. I think I have a pretty good feel for what to expect: hard work. If you know me at all, you know that’s how I approach most things and EMT will be no exception.

The course-work, test schedule, and minimum scores are fairly weighty. I think I’ve gotten lucky and gotten a great instructor. I asked a trusted friend of mine and was told that he is one of the best. That’s comforting.

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Plenty nerdy!

TNOF_FIVERR_PrThere is an online service called fiverr. fiverr lets you hire professionals in all different industries for a low price. The turn around times are a bit longer, and you only get so many revisions. You also only get certain types of media. You can get additional things for a fee. It’s a great way to hire out work without paying a mint.

Through fiverr, I hired a designer called anniedesigns to create a logo for me.  I had some ideas originally and sent those along, but basically said “I love your style and your other work, so please, feel free”.

This was her first submission, and I loved it. So with that being said, this is my new logo 🙂 Nifty, eh?




Getting into shape


I can highly recommend a couple of different resources for getting into shape. The primary recommendation I can make is Body for Life by Bill Phillips. Bill is a widely respected member of the fitness/body-building community and his method has helped thousands of people get into great shape. The secret to Bill’s method is that there is no secret. It’s a combination of eating right and working hard. His workouts are a regimen of high intensity interval training sessions. Continue reading Getting into shape


2 Pathways for me. How many for you?

I basically have two options.

The city that I live in has a municipal fire department. This department holds what they call a “green” academy.

The green academy takes applicants that have zero experience and trains them to become a state certified EMT, and fire-certified. Obviously this can be very costly for the department. Because it’s so costly they do not hire very often.

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