2 Pathways for me. How many for you?

I basically have two options.

The city that I live in has a municipal fire department. This department holds what they call a “green” academy.

The green academy takes applicants that have zero experience and trains them to become a state certified EMT, and fire-certified. Obviously this can be very costly for the department. Because it’s so costly they do not hire very often.

On the flip side are all of the other departments in my area. They all require state-level EMT certification and fire certification.

This presents me with a choice: Do I hope for the best and hope that my city is going to be hiring soon, or do I enroll in the local community college and take two semesters to earn my EMT and fire certifications?

My thought process went something like this: “It often takes several years to get on with the department. If I earn my EMT and fire certs, then I will be able to apply at the maximum number of departments in my area“. This is the path that I’m taking.

My EMT course begins in a few days, and hopefully my fire certification classes will begin in January.

In the meantime, if my city should open up a green academy? Well, I’ll just have to apply, and if I get in, I’m out community college money, but hey, I have a shot.

If you’re already on the job, drop us a comment and let us know how it went for you.


One thought on “2 Pathways for me. How many for you?”

  1. I wonder if there are some grants or scholarships out there for minorities in Tucson? Help offset the course fees and make the state institutions an option.

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